Pros and cons of constructive in education

What is Conservative in education?Education main motive is to develop the various object of life. It is a political and social idea that supports traditional society in the contest of culture and empires. It promotes the development of the community. They have to make sure the freedom and self-relaxation of a particular person. An individual prepares for his life, for an excellent speaker and for being a creative person.

The main goal of is to protect our country from a foreign person. It obtains the pros and cons of conservatism. Government.


• Traditional values maintained:

Conservative may ensures that conventional values in the society are being saved. It main focused is more on the benefits of traditional institutions and their practices.

Conservative ensues free market:

Conservatism requires holding of political views and their beliefs that support their open business with the help of free trade zones or reducing the taxes.

Growth of economy:

Conservatism contributes much to the growth of the economy. They use social issued as a way to mask the economic features of a country.

Property rights are private:

Individuals have their rights regarding their possession. They should not use private property for securing payment of taxes.


• Deficiency:


The government may raise money through taxation, and if they reduce the taxes being paid, this may be limited to the government from services like transportation, health facilities, security, and education.

Immortal behavior:

Freedom to do as you wish to do may bring positive results for moral decay since you are free to do what you please without any kind of government interference.


Any kind of amendment by the government was meeting by a lot of resistance from individuals due to fear of unknown. They restrict modernization and seek a return to the traditional values.


Government interferences are much more in prices, wages, and rental rates among the other economic activities can bring a more significant indifference.

Last but not least

In the above here, I mentioned the introduction and pros and cons of constructive education. It identified the issues which may influence my decisions to bring together the earlier mentioned headings especially, education, and crises considered to be the main topic for a debate; and secondly, to represent changes all changes related to a school in post-communist countries, using the case of Poland that was begun in last two years.