Golf Tournament

January 29th and 30th

Played over 2 days on the 2 Jack Nicklaus Designed Championship courses of Punta Mita – Pacifico & Bahia. In the spirit of the Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf live food and beverage stations will be strategically positioned throughout the course. The Punta Mita Cup promises to be a fun and delicious event. With circa 200 participants in this 4th Edition we will be playing both Pacifico& Bahia Course simultaneously with a fixed format on each course as explained below. The Punta Mita Cup promises to be yet another fun, competitive and delicious event. There will be 3 different categories of 2 ball teams – Ladies, Mens and Mixed Division.

This is a 36 hole stroke-play* competition held over 2 days on the Pacifico Golf Course and the Bahia Golf Course of the Punta Mita Golf Club.

· Men 1-12 Hcp BLUE TEES
· Men 13 Hcp and up WHITE TEES
· Women RED TEES

Pacifico: Net Best Ball

(90% of handicap applied to each team member)


– The lower of the two net scores is recorded after each hole.
– Dots on the scorecard represent strokes given to each player on each hole.
– A player must not start a stipulated round with more than fourteen clubs. Rule 4-4.

Bahia: Team Net Scramble

(35% of A player handicap + 15% of B player handicap will be deducted from final Gross Score to determine NET score)


– After each shot, the best of the two shots is selected and both players play from that spot, until the ball is holed.
-You may lift, clean, and place the ball within one putter head length on the green and one club length everywhere else on the course without improving your position. Example: You may not use one club-length improve your position in the rough by moving your ball to the fairway.
– One team score is recorded per hole.
– Each player must have a Minimum of 4 drives selected.
A player must hole out with the ball played from the teeing ground, unless the ball is lost or out of bounds. Rule 15-1.


– For the SCRAMBLE FORMAT ONLY – The maximum difference permitted between 2 player´s handicaps is 10. Should the difference be more than 10, the higher handicap (B player) will be adjusted to the lower handicap (A player) of the team.
– Golfers handicaps must be verifiable by the home club. If no club is available the handicap may be supported with a minimum of 5 scorecards played within the last 12 months. If no documentation to support a handicap is available then the Rules Committee will apply the Callaway handicap system to determine the handicap.
– A maximum handicap of 30 is allowed.


Winning Teams

The lowest 2 day score of the Men’s Division, Mixed Division, and Women’s Division will be the winners in each category. In case of a TIE the winner will be decided by retrogression. You work backwards starting from the last hole to see which person/team played better up to the last hole that was not tied. If holes 18 & 17 were tied you would continue to the score on hole 16. The team with the highest score on 16 would win by retrogression. This is because that team had played better for 15 holes. Because they scored higher on hole #16, their score up to that hole was lower. A lot of people think the lower score wins but that is not correct because they would have had a higher score up to that point in order to finish with a tie.

Quick reminders for those of you who do not play competitive golf very often…

We realize that you are not on either the P.G.A or L.P.G.A. professional tours. (Be thankful that you do not have to make a living doing this!). That being said there are some rules, etiquette and golf decorum that we ask that you follow while playing in a competitive golf event. The following are a few points that will help you navigate the day……..

Before the Round…….

• Check that your handicap it correct. If you find it recorded in error let a tournament organizer know and we will have it checked and corrected.
• Switch official cards with your fellow competitors (within your foursome).

During Play……..

*Remember this is a “stroke play” competition. As a team you must “hole” the ball out. If you have not holed the ball you have not finished the hole and cannot proceed to the next tee. No “gimmies”.
• Ask your opponent what they scored at the end of each hole and record your opponents score on the official card. Time is of the essence! It is necessary that you verify their score with what you believe they had in order to alleviate any confusion in trying to remember later in the round. Record the gross score. If you are comfortable recording the net score you may do so as well.
• Tell your opponent what you scored at the end of each hole. We also recommend that you keep track of your score in order to double check at the end of the round. It is not impossible to hear one score and write down another.

Following Play…….

• Please verify your score and sign (attest) your official card. Use the numbers you recorded to verify each hole is correct.
• Please have your fellow competitor verify and attest their official card which you have attested.

Enjoy your day! Play well!
The Rules Committee

Special Prizes

Day 1

Long Drive Mens
Long Drive Ladies
Closest to The Pin Mens
Closest to the pin Ladies
Hole in One

Day 2

Long Drive Mens
Long Drive Ladies
Closest to The Pin Mens
Closest to the pin Ladies
Hole in One